Small Group Coaching

Weekly Small Group Coaching

Weekly Small Group Coaching assists men and women in identifying and embracing their unique, God-given purpose. This multi-step journey results in a clearer understanding and vision of the intersection of your passions and God's purpose for your life. These small group sessions consist of 10-12 appointments with a certified Life Purpose Coach (Level 1) that will help you unpack God's unique purpose for your life. Weekly Small Group Coaching typically is conducted at the Life Purpose Coaching Center at Grace Community Church. The follow resources serve as some of the primary tools used in weekly small group coaching:


Retreat Small Group Coaching

A FocusUnleashed™ Weekend is a time away from the noise and distraction of daily life in an effort to restore your passion and re-energize your life.  This small group retreat features a combination of personal exercises, partnered sharing, and small group dialogue. It is important that you attend this retreat with at least one good friend with whom you can be completely honest. This friend will not only help you through this focusing process, but also will be a source of encouragement and accountability in following through with your commitments.

As a result of this retreat you will:

  • Recognize God’s unique shaping in your life, including life-shaping lessons and values.
  • Increase your capacity to understand and process difficult times.
  • Discover greater awareness of your personal giftedness and roles.
  • Learn to help others understand their development.
  • Gain greater focus to your life, personal ministry, and personal growth through the development of a Personal Calling Statement.
  • Discover the possibilities for mentoring and being mentored that can help accelerate your personal growth and eternal impact.



"I attended a FocusUnleashed™ Weekend sponsored by my church and facilitated by Lendell Nolan. The biggest obstacle in the retreat was facing how out of balance and unfocused my life was. The retreat help me realize that I needed a plan to be focused and balanced in order to pursue and fulfill what I have been called to do." -Mickey

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