Individual Coaching

Do you LONG TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world and for eternity?

Find out how.

Do you DESIRE TO UNDERSTAND AND CONNECT the parts of your past?

See this clearly.

Do you want to develop the ability to SEE GOD WORKING IN YOUR LIFE?

This will happen.

Do you want to UNDERSTAND CRITICAL “MOMENTS” in your life?

A Life Purpose Facilitation will accomplish this.

Do you want to UNDERSTAND THE WHY’S in your life?

Start now!

Life Purpose Coaching

Through a series of conversations, coaching assists you in identifying and embracing your unique, God-given purpose. This multi-step journey with a certified Life Purpose Coach (Level 1) results in a clearer understanding and vision of the intersection of your passions and God's purpose for your life. Individual Life Purpose Coaching sessions consist of 10 appointments that will help you unpack God's unique purpose for your life. Life Purpose Coaching can be done in person or by phone.  Face-to-face coaching typically is conducted at the Life Purpose Coaching Center at Grace Community Church in Roswell, New Mexico.

Life Purpose Facilitation

The Life Purpose Facilitation is a private, strategic 2-day process done with a certified Life Purpose Facilitator (Level 3). It asks questions that unlock your stories and leads you into a discovery of purpose that empowers you the rest of your life. This proven process uses a unique set of proprietary, diagnostic tools to develop a moving picture of your life–much like viewing a movie with God as the Producer! A personalized Life Purpose Facilitation walks you through a self-discovery process about your God-ordained future and then puts tools in your hands to live it out well.

Some things that we will be talking about are:

  • Your passions, gifts, life achievements, challenges, and opportunities
  • The themes and patterns that keep repeating in your life
  • Your goals and plans for the future
  • Your heart's most burning desire and where God is leading you

A Life Purpose Facilitation will benefit you by helping you see the bigger picture of your life, not just your day-to-day activities. It will help you clarify your unique God-given purpose and help you to become intensely focused on the goals for the core areas of your life for the next 2-3 years. Facilitations are typically conducted at the Life Purpose Coaching Center at Grace Community Church or in the mountain community of Ruidoso, New Mexico.


"I asked Lendell to do my Life Plan, using his abilities through Life Purpose Coaching. I knew this was going to be a life altering experience. I prepared myself for the change, because I knew it was a necessity. I found out through the sessions that I had not surrendered, and had not been walking in obedience to God the way that I should have been. This is still a struggle daily, but easier to deal with now because of 'The Plan' we came up with. If I continue to follow the plan that God has worked out through this process the rest of my life will be better than the last seven or eight that have not been a piece of cake. The process was intense, precise, cut through the chase, and got right to the point. Thanks to Life Purpose Coaching I have the focus and balance I need to carry out what God has specified me to do."     -Mickey

"As my Life Purpose Coach, Dr. Nolan was able to bring out and show me my life on a screen, putting my past experiences, abilities, loves, dreams, wishes, and goals together. This process helped me understand how God has worked in my past. It also helped me create an actual Christ based, and fulfilling life plan with purpose, direction, mentoring, and spiritual understanding using scripture and guidance from God. I would encourage any person desiring guidance, purpose, and a closer walk with God to go through Life Purpose Coaching to change their life just as it has forever changed mine."  -Mike

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