Life Purpose Coach® Training

As a Lead Instructor for Life Purpose Coaching Centers International®, Dr. Lendell Nolan and his team invest in men and women who are ready to become Life Purpose Coaches, Speakers, Ministry Consultants and Life Plan Facilitators, by way of tele-classes and in-person training events. Dr. Nolan is a Lifetime Instructor, having completed five levels of Certification with Dr. Katie Brazelton, Founder of LPCCI®.  Lendell specializes in helping churches launch Life Purpose Coaching Centers. 

This training program is for you, if you . . .
  - Enjoy helping others discover their design and calling
  - Desire to help people live with purpose
  - Have dreamed of starting a Life Purpose Coaching Center, but haven't been sure where to begin.

Training Information

LPCCI® is the first Christian-based, international training program that exclusively trains men and women who are passionate about helping others know and fulfill their unique life purpose. We offer tele-conference and in-person training worldwide through the expertise of an Instructor and Life Purpose Coach Team. 

Course 101 Training
Basic Life Purpose Coach®

An LPCCI® certified Life Purpose Coach® (LPC) uses emails, old-fashioned letter writing, one-hour telephone conversations, and one-hour, face-to-face appointments to help individual men and women (over the course of ten weeks) begin to know and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. Course 101 is taught in five one and a half hour tele-conferences by Dr. Lendell Nolan and his team.  To begin the application process, simply download the LPCCI Application below, fill it out, and email it to If it is accepted by LPCCI, you will be sent a registration form for Course 101.


Download Fee: Access to "Virtual Classroom 1," including all documents, audios, and E-Workbooks: $600  (Paid to FocusUnleashed)

Instructor Fee: $250  (Paid to FocusUnleashed)

Required Electronic Textbook Fee: (Paid to LPCCI)

    Men: Conversations on Purpose E-Book and EZ-Coaching Forms: $25

    Women: Conversations on Purpose EZ-Coaching Forms: $20

5 Conversations with a LPCCI Life Purpose Coach: (Costs Vary, ~50 per session)

TOTAL Cost: $870 - $875 plus Coaching Fees

See the LPCCI Map for certified Life Purpose Coaches throughout the USA and several countries. Feel free to email or call several coaches to discuss the process. Coach referrals are available upon request at  

Course 101 Starting Quarterly!

Apply Today: LPCCI Application

Course 201 Training
Advanced Life Purpose Coach®

Course 201 is our LPCCI® Leadership Development Series. Here you will receive encouragement and ideas to enhance your Life Purpose Coaching ministry: Speaking, Consulting, Writing, Marketing and Business Planning are the five hour-and-a-half Course 201 sessions, each taught by a coach/instructor in their area of expertise. Prerequisite: Course 101 Training.


Download Fee: Access to "Virtual Classroom 2," including all documents, audios, and E-Workbooks: $600 

Instructor Fee: $250 

TOTAL Cost:$850 Paid to FocusUnleashed

Course 301 Training
Basic Life Plan Facilitator

An LPCCI®-Certified, Life Purpose Facilitator is a Life Purpose Coach® graduate who also conducts Dr. Katie Brazelton’s one-to-one, intensive, 2-day, strategic process with individual clients to help them know and begin to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.
Prerequisite: Course 101 Training, Course 201 Training, and a Life Plan Facilitation by a certified Life Plan Facilitator.


Download Fee: Access to "Virtual Classroom 3," including all documents, audios, and E-Workbooks: $1250 

Instructor Fee: $250 

TOTAL Cost:$1500  Paid to FocusUnleashed